Microsoft has announced, recently, the general availability of Sharepoint 2019 server. Albeit shedding a bundle of features from the 2019 class , Microsoft has introduced a pile of brand new features in State of the art Sharepoint. Let’s zero in on some of the features commenced in 2019 model.

  • Fast site creation: Site creation made quicker and easier in 2019 server through this feature, this features is only supported with the following site template:1.Modern team site  2.One drive personal site  3.Communication site
  • Communication site: The new and improved communication site is a medium to share news, realying messages to people , Display an info etc., in a very organized as well as in a visually attractive mode.

2019 2

  • Modern team site: One of the most anticipated features in Sharepoint 2019, provides a plush and a reactive user experience to team collaboration. Modern site creation is made easier for users and the homepages are reconstructed accordingly to improve the visibility of the collaborative tasks within team site.

2019 4

  • Modern list and libraries: This feature brings in a similar style of experience, that is evident in Sharepoint online. Provides users, a better control over accessing,sharing as well as collaborating around structured data.Also capable of bringing from other platform to sharepoint for improved coopetition.
  • Modern sharing experience: Sharepoint server 2019 supports a modern and a simplified sharing user-interface,enabling users to easily share links and other content with others.
  • Modern site pages and web parts: Creating a site page and web-part on team sites have been made easier and a wide array of improvements have been introduced in UI of modern site pages and web parts.
  • Modern IIS APIs: Modernized integration of Sharepoint with IIS, resulting in removing the dependencies on legacy IIS 6 API. Server 2019 will use IIS 7 and APIs to govern IIS. The following windows features will no longer be installed by sharepoint pre-requisite installer:1.IIS 6 Management Compatibility 2.IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility 3.IIS 6 Scripting tools
  • Sharepoint homepage: Modern UI experience that delivers an unified access to all sites,both online and on-premises.Providing personalized view of all team news and improved UI to monitor activities across sites.It also replaces the old sites.aspx experience.

2019 1

In addition to this Microsoft has also inducted a range of platform enhancements to Sharepoint 2019 server.

  • Use of # and % characters in file and folders name: The use of # and % characters in files and folders name, will be supported by Sharepoint server 2019,in view of making it easier for Users to synchronize content from personal storages to sharepoint.
  • Improved storage: An additional of 5 GB of file storage has been added to an existing 10 GB(in Sharepoint server 2016) storage in sharepoint document libraries.
  • SMPT authentication: Server 2019 will now support SMPT  authentication when sending E-mails.This can be configured through central administrator website or through Powershell.Although sharepoint still supports anonymous connections to SMPT servers that do not require authentications.

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