Low Code Platforms

Oracle APEX

The development of custom forms has traditionally been a time-consuming process. APEX (Oracle Application Express) is employed to streamline and enhance business processes during the implementation of Fusion and to address any gaps that may arise. This integration involves embedding APEX infolets seamlessly into the Fusion environment, ensuring a cohesive user experience. The synergy between APEX and Fusion allows for smooth and efficient integration, providing users with a unified platform. Additionally, leveraging the capabilities of the Autonomous Database cloud ensures a robust and scalable infrastructure for running these integrated applications. Furthermore, APEX facilitates communication by enabling calls to web services to retrieve specific details, enhancing the overall functionality of the integrated system.

Data Management – Oracle Form, Data load and File upload

  • Interactive, user friendly and good-looking forms can be created quickly in Oracle APEX.
  • Oracle APEX provides dynamic actions to do client-side validation of data entered by user.
  • Oracle APEX’s Universal Theme provides easy way to browse various templates to create good looking application.
  • Oracle APEX enables user to upload bulk data using application. CSV, XLSX, XML, and JSON data formats can be loaded to tables or collections.
  • Oracle APEX allows upload and download of files which are stored within oracle database in BLOB column types.

ECommerce Application

  • Customize view of product details from Oracle Fusion Cloud Inventory.
  • Create module for User to select products, add to cart, validate the order, make payment and place order.
  • Placed orders are provisioned by integrating to Oracle fusion order management through OIC.
  • Interactive reports to view products, cart and orders

Oracle APEX Reports

  • Create Interactive Reports, Interactive Grids, Faceted Search Reports, Cards Reports, and Classic Reports declaratively using SQL.
  • Interactive grid provides add/edit/delete option on report.
  • Reports also allow file download links in interactive reports, classic reports, forms, and dynamically created HTML

Spreadsheet Replacement

  • APEX application can be created with the data imported from spreadsheet without any coding.
  • Advantage: Interactive report, Track updates, additional pictorial representation of data, control read/write access to users.

Oracle APEX Approval Application

  • Simplifies creating applications that requires human approvals for any kind of task.
  • Sample approvals app highlights the native approval components capabilities in Oracle APEX.

Oracle APEX Map Application

  • Oracle APEX provide Map Markers, Lines or Polygons, or the Heat Map feature.
  • The APEX Map Region can easily be combined with Oracle Spatial functionality to perform a “Within Distance Search”, “Nearest Neighbor Search”, or other spatial analysis.
  • Sample map app of Oracle APEX provide contains numerous examples of visualizing coordinate data on a map.