Ready to go template for Snowpipe Implementation for GCP


Snowpipe enables loading data from files as soon as they’re available in a stage. This implies that instead of manually running COPY statements on a schedule to load larger batches, you may load data from files in micro-batches and make it available to users in a matter of minutes.

This topic explains how to use Google Cloud Pub/Sub messages for Google Cloud Storage (GCS) events to automatically trigger Snowpipe data loading.


  1. Snowflake account
  2. GCP service account

Steps to be followed:

  1. Create GCP account and a storage bucket in the GCP account.

2. Open snowflake account and setup warehouse, database in which the data must be loaded.

3. In Snowflake, create a storage integration for GCP and describe that storage integration to get a storage GCP service account.

4. In GCP, navigate to IAM & ADMIN and select roles. Create custom role and add permissions for storage.buckets.get, storage.objects.get, storage.objects.list.

5. Next, select your bucket; on the right, you will see principals > click add principal; provide the service account name from the DESCRIBE Storage Integration output from Snowflake; and add the custom role that we   created in the roles.

6. Next, to enable the Notification, open a cloud shell in GCP with the ID of your project and execute the following command “$ gsutil notification create -t snowpipe (new notification name) -f json gs://snowflakedemobucket1/ (gcs bucket path)”.

7. After executing the above command, the notification will be created successfully.

8. Open the pub/sub in the GCP and create a subscription under the created topic.

9. In Snowflake, create a notification integration with the created subscription name in GCP.

10. Desc notification integration and take the GCP Pub/Sub service account.

11. In GCP, add the principal to the Pub/Sub service account with the Pub/Sub subscriber role and click on save.

12. Further, on the project level, create a principal for the notification service account and add a role Monitor Viewer to the principal.

13. Create a snowpipe with the commands in the snowflake.

By adhering to the outlined procedures, data can be loaded using snowpipe from GCS bucket.

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