Power BI Tips: Enable/Disable Preview Features

Power BI releases new features on every month. Some features release as preview features. These features will be released for GA, once it is stable. To use preview features, it should be enabled in Power BI desktop. This blog helps to enable/disable the preview features in Power BI desktop.

Go to File -> Options and settings -> Options,

Power BI preview features

Select Preview features under GLOBAL section,

Power BI preview features

Check the checkboxes of the preview features available on the right side to enable.

Power BI preview features

Click OK and restart the Power BI desktop. The preview features that enabled will be available to use after the restart.

Power BI preview features

Similarly, the above steps help to disable the preview features.

Check out our blog section for more detail about features of Power BI. Please reach out Cittabase for more information.


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