Oracle ADW APEX and JET Charts

Oracle Rapid Development code platform ( APEX – Application Express ) is available now in ADW. With APEX Customers can quickly build scalable, secured and stunning applications.  Customers can quickly migrate spreadsheet based applications to APEX web applications in few steps.  Customer facing applications can be built using APEX which is totally secure. Data is also backed up.


Oracle JET Charts

JET is the abbreviation for Javascript Extension Toolkit. It’s a collection of open source JavaScript libraries along with a set of Oracle contributed JavaScript libraries to build applications that consume and interact with Oracle products and services with data being provided in JSON format.

The Oracle JET data visualization components include customizable charts, gauges, and other components that you can use to present flat or hierarchical data in a graphical display for data analysis. Each Oracle JET visualization supports animation, accessibility, responsive layout, test automation, and a range of inter activity features. The charts provide dozens of different ways to visualize a data set, including bar, line, area, range, combination, scatter, bubble, polar, radar, pie, donut, funnel, and stock charts.

Oracle JET charts can be accessed using the Javascript API directly. For example, the orientation of a bar or line chart can be changed from horizontal to vertical or vice-versa by calling the corresponding API’s through javascript.


With APEX in ADW and OAC, Oracle offers a powerful combination to rapidly build web applications and do analytical reporting

Cittabase has expertise in building Applications in APEX and worked with customers in migrating their legacy applications from Oracle D2K/Forms to Oracle APEX. Cittabase also helping customers to migrate their Oracle Discoverer Report to OAC ( Oracle Analytics Cloud )

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