HR Analytics – Importance and Challenges

HR AnalyticsOrganizations started embracing Human Resource Analytics knowing the importance of it.  HR Analytics gives a plethora of Workforce related insights on Productivity, Turnover, Satisfaction, High Performing employee, etc.  Since Employee performance is critical for the overall success of the organization, it is imperative for them to create an environment where they contribute and succeed.  Organization needs to assess their workforce strengths from time-to-time and should analyze what works well and what doesnt.

  • Improved Hiring : New Age HR Analytics Solutions with in-built Machine Learning Algorithms on current workforce helps to identify traits which leads to productivity and success. This can be used for improved hiring by Organizations.  Productivity related to remote workers can help organizations to change the Workstyle and culture and can be key factor for the overall HR Strategy
    • It can help organization to analyze key factors including Demography, Culture and Diversity
    • Identify Training needs of Workforce
  • Workforce Retention : HR Analytics can identify the areas where problems in skills retention exist and also can highlight the factors influencing the employees to leave the organization,  Organization can act upon these factors and try to reduce employee turnover
  • Process Improvement :  HR Analytics can highlight the bottlenecks in the overall process. It can help organizations to fine-tune their process and improve overall employee experience

However the implementation of HR Analytics comes up with own set of challenges

  • Cloud Platform/Analytics Data Model  :  New age HCM products are paas/saas based cloud products and integration has been a huge challenge. These Cloud platform provides API for integration and extraction, but to build an Analytics Data model for the Cloud SAAS application require specialized skills
    • Next Gen Tech Stack  : As organizations set their priorities on their Digital Transformation initiatives, they are in the process of migrating their analytical workloads to Cloud.  Choosing a best of breed tech stack to cater their requirements is important.
  • Data Protection/Data Security  :  With regulatory policies on Data protection, its highly important on how the Analytics solution will be envisioned, modeled and the grain at which the data will be stored

Cittabase has successfully implemented back to back HR Analytics Solutions using the best of breed cloud platform for Travel and Financial Services industry.

Cittabase used Talend for Data Extraction and Integration with GCP Bigquery as the Cloud Platform and Tableau as the BI Tool.

Cittabase has its own proprietary Data Model for HR Analytics that works well in Cloud DW Environments.

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