Fusion ERP Cloud Application – Reporting options

Organizations have embarked upon initiatives to move to Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials as they see increased workforce efficiency, reduction in legacy system costs, innovation, improve controls and provide competitive advantages with Oracle Fusion Cloud. Migrating from an On Prem EBS/Peoplesoft or JDE poses stiff challenges in terms of getting users trained in new reporting tools, data migration, co-existence of historical and ongoing transactions, etc.  As Organizations are used to a variety of reporting options with On Prem EBS/Peoplesoft that they have currently like  BI Publisher, BI Applications with OBIEE, nVision, custom Datawarehouses and using BI Tools like PowerBI, Tableau, etc it’s even more difficult to find the perfect reporting solution.  As some of these reporting tools are being in use for years, it is a huge challenge to move to a new cloud reporting platform and still catering the users reporting needs without any compromise on reporting functionality and performance.

We shall look at the some of extraction and reporting options from Fusion ERP Cloud

  • OTBI : Oracle Transactional BI – Used for analysis and adhoc reporting. its not an extraction tool though.
  • BIP ( BI Publisher ) : An Enterprise reporting product, mainly recommended for well formatted pixel perfect reports. It supports the SQL Data model and provides an interface to write a SQL query to get any output
    • Can be used for specific Use Cases
  • BICC ( BI Cloud Connector ) : Pre-configured with application specific data extracts, which can be configured to run at periodic intervals. BICC extracts are placed in Oracle Universal Content Management UCM or OCI Cloud storage, from where it can be fed to data warehouses
    • BICC supports Incremental Extraction
    • BICC has its own metadata and provides details about the Extraction log
  • FAW ( Fusion Analytics Warehouse ) : Prebuilt Analytics for Fusion ERP – uses Oracle Analytics Cloud and ADW ( Autonomous Data Warehouse ).  Fully managed solution by Oracle
  • REST APIs : Get Request which can extract to JSON files. Oracle provides a wider range of REST Endpoints to view and manage the data stored in the Oracle cloud. Most of the Fusion entities have a REST Endpoint, with which the data can be extracted.
    • Hand written code to get data
    • Not recommended for Large Extracts
    • Can be used specific Use cases
  • Incorta Analytics for Oracle ERP Cloud : Incorta is an analytics platform with its proprietary Direct Data Mapping provides business insights and delivers fast query performance with unmatched speed. Incorta provides an interesting solution by providing a connector for Oracle Fusion cloud and Oracle EBS ( On prem ). For Fusion Cloud it leverages BICC for extractionIncorta_Fusion

Incorta Analytics for ERP Cloud provides a number of advantages for customers who are migrating from Oracle EBS to Fusion Cloud

  1. It acts as bridge between EBS and ERP Cloud data. As these EBS/Peoplesoft/JDE migration to Fusion ERP Cloud projects have different complexities with Data migration, phased approach it is imperative that access to the existing on Prem ERP and Fusion cloud is needed in a single platform. This helps in the reconciliation effort if any and also often customers go with phased migration- module wise go live and Incorta provides a platform to report data from both the system seamlessly.
  2. Incorta provides a common reporting data model to house both EBS and Fusion ERP cloud for simultaneous reporting. A single target model common for both the data sources and Historical data can be still reported out of EBS or other On Prem ERP System
  3. Incorta has a Native visualization tool with good UI/UX experience and often used for large data extracts
  4. Incorta has connectors to various SaaS applications and helps to blend data across sources
  5. Incorta provides connector to Essbase – which could be helpful in integrating with Hyperion Planning and Budgeting applications

If you are embarking on the Fusion ERP Cloud and looking for reporting options please reach out to us. Cittabase is an Incorta partner and has been working with customers on ERP Analytics reporting on multiple platforms.

Image Credits : Incorta