Our Operating principle

Realize the value of your data through Principle’s strategic and technical solutions. Our data consulting services ensure that your business has the right tools and resources to create predictive insights and decision support solutions.  Our process of collecting and analyzing product data from multiple digital sources to inform product and marketing strategies.

We are proud, yet humbled to be the Center of Excellence for Data & Insights at one of the world’s most innovative companies.

  • We treat everyone with respect
  • We have permission to disagree, but must drive to commitment
  • We don’t hide from difficult conversations
  • We’re in this together as a team
  • We tackle mistakes as a team and seek to get better
  • Data-Driven First, Data-Informed Second, Principles & Stories Third
  • We believe in built to last, not built too fast
  • We operate with a growth mindset, continually raising the standard
  • We don’t confuse activity with progress
  • We know how our work aligns with strategic initiatives and how it will help our Business Partners deliver impactful results
  • We go the extra mile to provide Context, Facts, and Insights
  • We define expectations up front: Scope, Time, and Success Criteria
  • We proactively engage with our Business Partners to ensure regular progress for important initiatives
  • We all have a responsibility for Data Security and Data Quality
  • We lead with well-tested and accurate Data Solutions
  • We operate and maintain the production solutions we create
  • We maximize the capabilities and services of our vendor-partners
  • We believe the best way to align on a complex outcome is to picture it
  • Automated tests are the best tests and we implement tests at every step of the data delivery process
  • Everything can and should be defined in code and version controlled
  • Data implementations should integrate best practices from DevOps into their workflow
  • Partner with each Business function while having a high-quality, maintainable code base
  • Open source our code, keeping data security and data sensitivity in mind
  • There is a single source of truth for every analytic question within a company, and it is also important to represent multiple perspectives to provide the most thorough data insights
  • Focus our limited resources where data will have the greatest impact
  • All business users should be able to learn how to interpret and calculate simple statistics

Our Guiding principles

Strategy to Execution

Tight coupling from design of digital transformation strategies to implementation – ‘What and How’ are connected and iterative

Multidisciplinary Approach

Combine problem solving, design, data science, engineering and operations capabilities in an integrative fashion

Focus on Business Outcomes

Programs prioritized and constantly tracked against quantifiable business KPIs

Best from Digital Natives

Mindset to operate with an agile, fail-fast approach combined with modern digital technologies and methods

Quality Policy

Our focus on Delivery, Accountability, Commitment and Excellence. Also :

  • To manifest high standards of service delivery consistently, with the help of our empowered employees, continually improving processes. 
  • To provide a healthy environment where unique talents are nurtured and promoted and become a company of choice to learn, share & grow! 
  • To aim for a high degree of Customer satisfaction by focusing on the Customer’s stated and derived requirements, keeping information accuracy and security at its core. 
  • To instill a sense of belonging among our employees by continuous training and recognition of their contribution!