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Lifeline Analytics

Using analytics to improve quality of care & operational efficiency and reduce care cost & wait times. Access to impactful KPIs.

cittabase preblse

Cittabase PreBIse

preBIse is a nextgen business analytics tool that delivers valuable insights from essential applications and services to enhance operational efficiency

marketing analytics

Marketing Analytics

Cittabase Marketing Analytics Universe centralizes marketing performance data from various platforms for storage and Analysis

cittabase TrackSkore

Cittabase TrakSkore

Excellence in performance measurement and strategic management with TrakSkore, tool for tracking and evaluating your progress.


Developers and Real Estate

Developers, and real estate stakeholders can use BI to Ascertain the most complete picture of a property’s profitability

Oil & Gas, Energy Utility

Energy and Trading Industry has complex data integration requirements. Trading Groups need risk transparency and visibility

Shipping Industry

Working with world’s leading maritime group to implement and maintain their Budgeting and Forecasting System.

Medical and Healthcare Service

We have solutions for Payers, Caregivers, Government and Research Professionals. Our Solutions enables the following Care delivery, Population Health Analytics, Resources  planning and Forecasting of beds

Banking And Securities

Empower institutions to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and enhance customer experiences through sophisticated insights derived from comprehensive financial data analysis.

Media and Entertainment

Revolutionize content creation, distribution, and audience engagement by harnessing actionable insights from vast datasets, driving innovation and personalized experiences

Our Expertise

•  Cloud Migration
•  Data Lake Integration
•  Streamlining DW operations
•  Performance and Cost Optimization

•  Data Classification and Security
•  Single version of truth for key entities
•  Data Quality and Catalog
•  Data Profiling and Standardization

•  Interactive Dashboards
•  Data Exploration and Discovery
•  Integration with leading BI Tools
•  Visual Storytelling

•  Data Pipelines
•  Data Integration
•  Data Warehousing
•  ETL Processes
•  Database Management
•  Devops

•  Data-driven Decision Making
•  Advanced Analytics and Reporting
•  Predictive modelling and insights
•  Data Visualization and Dashboards
•  Business Intelligence
•  Content Generation using Generative AI